Cynthia's Pastel Art


Cynthia Baker-Gusman


I picked up my first pastel in 2013, fell in love with the medium and have been painting ever since. Among other subjects, I enjoy  painting iconic landscape scenery in my home town of Anaheim Hills,Ca, where I am surrounded by beautiful lush hills and trees. Growing up in the suburbs of upstate New York, I was also surrounded by wooded areas and fields. These are often still my inspiration for landscape paintings. Living near the coast, I also draw my inspiration from the beach and ocean.   When I find a subject that I love, the painting seems to paint itself.


I had no formal training growing up, because any artistic endeavors were discouraged by my traditional family. There was always a desire however, and it was pushed aside until well into my adult years. My inspiration often comes from working with other artists in group settings.


After retiring from  the corporate world in 2008 I started my own business, which gave me more time to explore what was truly important to me. I take about 100 photos a day, which I save for possible future paintings.


I work mostly with Rembrandt, Holbein, Sennelier and Nupastels on sanded paper.


I have taken art classes at Orange Coast College and Santiago College. 2017 © All Rights Reserved.